See you in Yiwu: Let’s Meet, Discuss, and Act!

The 9th UCLG ASPAC Congress

UCLG ASPAC 9th Congress is counting days! We are looking forward to meeting you all and facilitating for cities’ development. As you set your goal on cooperation and networking for your city, we are taking you to see Yiwu closer in a glance so that you will have a better understanding and picture when you finally touch down. Check out the five routes that you and other participants can explore and know why Yiwu is the best place to learn and explore in our upcoming Congress.

Golden Route

Yiwu International Trade Market

Yiwu International Trade Market, globally known as the “World’s Supermarket,” is doing business with 233 countries or regions around the world. It receives more than 560,000 international buyers every year. The market provides a complete range of daily consumer goods, covering crafts and gifts, toys, hardware accessories, sporting goods, clothing accessories, shoes, socks, and bedding…to just name a few. The construction of the sixth edition of the Market, named Global Digital Trade Centre, is now in progress. It will be the city’s new landmark under new business circumstances. This is a big project that covers 3,744,000 m2, or a floor area of 1.256 million square meters, and costs 8.321 billion yuan. The Global Digital Trade Centre will be made a platform that enables the digital economy and infrastructure to play in-depth roles in commodity trade and is a milestone for Yiwu’s future economy.

Blue Route

Yiwu Port

Adjacent to the Yiwu International Trade Market, Yiwu Port is an inland port with customs and commodity inspection rights. People will not spend extra time on goods formalities – the one-stop service makes the declaration, inspection, and release a one-time procedure. It is also one of the twin ports through the “Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan” belt and the leading one for the province’s port strategy. Using the preferential policy in Ningbo and Zhoushan, Yiwu Port will be more easily accessible to the city’s highways, airports, and railway ports. The “four ports” will be strongly connected to the city’s economic development strategy.

ZTO Express’s Yiwu Transit Centre

Founded on May 8, 2002, ZTO Express is a comprehensive logistics service provider. Yiwu Centre is one of ZTO’s seven transit centres in Zhejiang Province. With a total investment of over one billion yuan, the centre has a floor area of about 54.36 acres. The complex has four floors of fully automated sorting equipment. On average, it processes 10 million outbound parcels and 1.5 million inbound parcels and sends 1,000 to 1,600 outbound long-distance vans every day. Its extensive business across China makes it one of the most advanced and efficient express transit centres in the country.

Red Route

YXE (Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe) Railway Express

In September 2014, President Xi Jinping first proposed the Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe railway plan. On November 18, 2014, the first cargo train departed from Yiwu. The 13,052-kilometer distance makes it the longest railway freight route in the world. It has gained great momentum ever since. By the end of 2022, a total of 6,724 cargo trips had shipped more than 550,000 TEUs on 19 routes to 160 cities in 51 countries and regions.

Chen Wangdao’s Former Residence

Fenshuitang Village has a unique historical position because it is the birthplace of the first Chinese edition of The Communist Manifesto, the birthplace of Chen Wangdao, a famous modern social activist, educator, and linguist, and an important cradle of Marxism in China. Chen Wangdao’s Former Residence, built in 1909, is well-preserved. Its three-sided courtyard, front garden, and firewood room are typical central Zhejiang styles, decorated with nice wood carvings. It is an educational base to learn the Communist Party of China’s revolutionary beliefs.

Green Route

Gangyao Village

Gangyao Village, blessed with a 1,000-year-old kiln, is located in Yiting Town. It is a Traditional Chinese Village and a National Scenic Spot. The fascinating pottery culture, well-preserved ancient trees, and a kiln that dates to the Northern Song Dynasty all speak of its glorious history. Rural revitalisation and new rural construction have made it physically beautiful and spiritually rich. Modern agriculture and rural tourism have driven common prosperity. Visitors from home and abroad flock here to experience ancient pottery craftsmanship, taste delicacies, design creative products, and embrace the intangible cultural heritage and charm of an age-old village.

Xilou Village

Xilou Village is in Yiting Township of Yiwu City. The easy-to-get village boasts a beautiful environment. Local people thrive on planting sugarcane and making sugar, giving the village the beautiful name of “China’s First Village of Brown Sugar.” It is the production base for pollution-free brown sugar in Yiwu and a provincial-level 3-A-rated scenic area. Brown sugar produced in Xilou has been recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage. A few sugar mills and a full set of traditional ways for sugar making have been preserved by the village. Brown sugar produced in Xilou has a lovely yellow-cream colour with a cyan touch. It feels like fine sand and has a sweet and faint scent taste, being one of the representatives of brown sugar in Yiwu.

Variety Route

New Energy Products Market in District II of Yiwu International Trade Market

The New Energy Products Market is underpinned by Yiwu’s strength in the solar and photovoltaic industries. It is the first professional market for new energy products display and trading in China and even the world, offering 490 booths. The market has begun to take shape. Its more than 10,000 products from some 200 brands in several categories, such as photovoltaic modules, energy storage systems, new energy lighting, and new energy vehicles, attract customers from the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, etc.

Trina Solar Co., Ltd

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of solar modules. Trina Solar (Yiwu) Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2019 with a total investment of 6 billion RMB. Located in Suxi Township, Yiwu Information and Optoelectronics High-Tech Industrial Park, the company is wholly owned by Trina Solar.



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