Regent Umi Azizah of Tegal: Leadership, Local Economic Development, and More

ONE common challenge faced by female candidates walking up to the leadership ladder is unequal opportunity. However, this is not the case for Regent Umi Azizah, leader of the Regency of Tegal, Indonesia. Instead, she pointed out that it is the internal human resources that challenge her leadership which prioritises clean governance. Nevertheless, Regent Umi Azizah continued showing achievements and gathering acknowledgement from various parties. We bring up some of her works that help develop the Regency better.

Upon her leadership, Regent Umi received an award granted by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection at the end of 2018. This award was given to her for her efforts in ensuring gender inclusiveness and responsiveness in the implementation of development policy.

Young entrepreneurs programme. This programme started in 2019, is designed to encourage the opening of new working opportunities by supporting young people to start their businesses, and to also respond to the development of technology. She said that entrepreneurs are faced with great challenges, not only the pandemic but also digital literacy. She hopes that the initiated programme can improve digital literacy to enable entrepreneurs to compete.

Development of Lapor Bupati (Report to Regent) application. The application is developed to serve the needs of local people to accommodate their voices, such as giving inputs related to the performance of public services. According to her, this application has improved the working performance of public officials, accelerated the process, and made it more transparent. Regent Umi Azizah was elected in January 2019. She will have five years’ time to continue working and developing Tegal. She is one of the many female leaders who have continued showing great works despite challenges faced.