Regent Ratna Machmud of Musi Rawas: Developed, Independent, and Dignified Regency

REGENT Ratna Machmud envisions Musi Rawas Regency to be developed, independent, and dignified. To realise this, she has set nine featured programmes to be implemented, namely road repair; free education; free school uniform, bags, and shoes; free medication; fund support to Islamic boarding schools; establishing centre of Al-Qur’an study; providing heavy equipment for land clearing; ensuring one ambulance for every village, and giving fund for the family of the dead. Sworn on February 26, 2021, Regent Ratna Machmud has led the regency for more than 12 months. The pandemic does not inhibit her to realise her programmes and support local people. Instead, the administration of Musi Rawas Regency received several awards at the national level for its achievements in the areas of tax records, asset certification, and internal supervision. The regency has also shown significant progress in the implementation of the said programme.

The fund support for the family of the dead has proven to be economically supportive, most particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it took the lives of many people. In 2021, the fund was delivered to 1,976 family members (total IDR5,961,000,009/USD380,081.19) and is planned to continue up to the end of 2022. Regent Ratna has also allocated a local budget for a free school equipment programme to cover 30% of total elementary students. Fund to support Islamic boarding schools, as well as the establishment of centres for Al-Qur’an study has also been distributed and the number of beneficiaries keeps growing. For basic infrastructure, her administration has started to ensure electricity access to all districts. Road and bridge building is also a top priority. The completed road works include ones in the District of Megang Sakti, Purwodadi, Sumberharta, and Muara Kelingi, among many others. noted that up to the second year of her leadership, 60% of the road improvement works were completed.

Regent Ratna Machmud is one of Indonesia’s inspiring female leaders. Her works have stolen the attention of the media, in addition to the national government’s institutions. Her great leadership has once again shown that female leadership positively contributes when given opportunities.