Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation in Yiwu: An Internationally Renowned City for Trade

First Session of 2019 Executive Bureau Meeting: What Asia-Pacific Cities Can Anticipate

Uplifting Voice to Global Level – 2019 UCLG Congress and World Election
UCLG ASPAC ExBu Meeting will unite and consolidate the voice of its member cities and local governments in Asia and the Pacific, especially as a preparation for the Section’s participation in the upcoming UCLG World Congress in Durban, South Africa, from 11 to 15 November 2019. ExBu Meeting will be a crucial opportunity for members to raise their international agendas and foster cooperation with other cities and partners. In addition, this ExBu Meeting will become a strategic platform to mobilise Asia-Pacific cities’ actions at the global level through submission of candidatures from the region for the election of UCLG World President and Treasurer at the upcoming UCLG World Congress.

More Enhanced Capacity Building for Cities – Partnership with METROPOLIS
UCLG ASPAC and METROPOLIS recently entered into an agreement through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance their collaboration and support to members in Asia and the Pacific region. Cities will learn about the MoU and what it means for their membership, including various areas of partnership and how members can benefit from UCLG global networks.

Expressing Interest to Host 2020 UCLG ASPAC Congress
The upcoming ExBu will discuss the preparation of our next UCLG ASPAC Congress that will take place in 2020. This will also be an occasion where cities can reveal their intention to host the Congress and present their plans in order to garner other members’ support.

Make Your Voices Counted in Our Works
ExBu meeting is an occasion where cities are invited to share their interests in or any concerns on our works and services. In addition, cities will receive updates on key developments on our partnerships with other stakeholders and how members have been and could further benefit from it. Among many, the updates include our new collaboration with the EU for SDGs localisation project in Pakistan and our collaboration with Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) as well as Gwangju City of South Korea to start capacity development programme in SDGs localisation with human-rights approach.

 Learning About Trade from the World’s Renowned City  

 Learning from Yiwu: The City with Trade at Heart
It is well recorded in history that trade activities have always been at the heart of Yiwu. The local inhabitants of Yiwu have for a long time engaged in vibrant exchanges of goods in order to fulfill their needs.

Why Learn from Yiwu?

  • ‘Chinese Figures Astonishing the World,’ a joint report from the United Nations, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley recorded “Yiwu, located 300 kilometres away from Shanghai, is the largest market of petty commodity wholesales in the world where various foreign buyers go to place orders.”
  • Yiwu’s China Small-Commodity Market has, for six consecutive years, been China’s 100 top open markets and for successive years was listed as “China’s civilised open market.”
  • It has been named as the banner of China’s market economy and a large variety of quality but cheaper commodities.

More Reasons to Join…

  • Engage in dialogue on International Economic and Trade Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.
  • Expand network with City Mayors, distinguished invitees, and experts in the field.
  • Gain insights in the main forum “Share Unimpeded Trade Opportunities, Promote Urban Win-win Development” and two sub-forums: “Local Governments Boost SMEs’ Globalised Development” and “Trade Cooperation and Development in the Digital Era.”
  • Access the gateway for potential cooperation through involvement in the 2019 China Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair and International Friendship Exhibition and Touring Exhibition.

With months of preparation, we at UCLG ASPAC Secretariat, cordially invite you to come to the first gathering of Asia-Pacific cities and local governments in 2019: UCLG ASPAC Executive Bureau Meeting in Yiwu, 21-23 May 2019. We look forward to meeting you there!