Join Us! VLR Cities and Regions Networking and Match-Making Event – #WUF10

11 February 2020 | 2pm-4pm | Room 20, Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre – ADNEC

Localisation of SDGs needs to go beyond adapting global goals to the local levels. Commitment and political will, as well as co-creation of solutions with communities to address global challenges and objectives critically needs serious effort from the Local and Regional Governments (LRGs). While the efforts to localise SDGs are progressing, their involvement in Voluntary National Review (VNRs) is still limited, despite the facts that over 60% of the SDGs are within sub-national governments authority. The level of involvement and engagement of local governments in the production of the national reviews is still limited. As per third LRG Report on Localisation of SDGs to HLPF 2019 states “Notably, there are no major differences in these figures from 2016 to 2019: still only local governments in about 40%-45% of the surveyed countries affirms having being involved properly in the reporting and monitoring processes of their countries.” Thus, SDGs attainment is likely to fail without significant and accelerated LRGs involvement in attaining the 2030 Agenda. To fill in this gap, Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) are produced.

This networking event offers a focused discussion, so that cities can learn from, support, and review each other for the better narrative of the VLRs. With growing interest of different entities contributing to the VLR development, this event can be “matchmaking” between LRGs and development partners so that LRGs can fully utilise the expertise exist on the globe. By doing so, this networking will push LRGs-led movements towards more inclusive, sustainable implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs.

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