Jakarta Ready To Be More Resilient in 2019

Jakarta’s effort in building resilience gained a new momentum in May 2016 when the city was selected to be a member of 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) Network. Resilient Jakarta Secretariat was then founded in September 2017 and led by Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta for Spatial Planning and Environment, Dr. Oswar M. Mungkasa, as Chief Resilience Officer (CRO). Since then, Resilient Jakarta Secretariat has continuously supported Jakarta in its resilience building effort by involving a wide range of stakeholders in the processes. Government bodies, private sectors, academicians, and communities have collaborated in the discussion and worked together in developing the City Resilience Strategy to help the city better prepare.

The Three Pillars for Resilient Jakarta

Throughout the process, Jakarta realises there are three pillars indicating its resilience: WELL-PREPARED Jakarta; HEALTHY Jakarta; and CONNECTED Jakarta. WELL-PREPARED focuses on Jakarta’s readiness in the events of shocks and stresses. HEALTHY focuses on creating healthier environment for the people through better management of water, wastewater, and waste. CONNECTED focuses on enhancing the connectivity of people in their daily routines. These three pillars are the main components of Jakarta’s Resilience Strategy.

To complete the resilience strategy, Resilient Jakarta Secretariat conducted Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on 10 April 2019. The discussion gathered inputs covering indicator of achievement for each pillar, guidance to achieve it, and necessary actions to take.

With the support of UCLG ASPAC as the Third-Party Grantee, Jakarta is planning to deliver the city resilience strategy in June 2019 which will require more collaboration from the city’s stakeholders in their resilience building efforts. Apart from that, Jakarta will engage the surrounding cities and districts (such as Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, and South Tangerang) to collaborate in order to develop a more comprehensive resilience strategy.

Download Draft of City Resilience Strategy here.
Visit website of Resilient Jakarta Secretariat at jakberketahanan.org.