Greetings from Jeju Special Self-Governing Province!

As a side event of the 8th UCLG ASPAC Congress, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province invites member cities of United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific to Jeju’s 3D Virtual Booth at

With international travel restricted due to COVID-19, it has become difficult to conduct international activities in person. The virtual booth is an alternative way to introduce Jeju and our partnership with UCLG ASPAC to member cities. Comprised of Jeju’s past international activities to future plans, visitors will be able to understand more about Jeju including its Carbon-Free 2030 and peace projects.

Illustrated with Jeju’s palm trees, DOI Hareubang (symbolic rock statue), and the ocean, you will also be able to feel Jeju’s atmosphere.

We invite you all to Jeju, the island of Glocalization.


For inquiries regarding the booth or for international exchange with Jeju, please contact us at