Goyang City: Building “Tomorrow Dream Factory,” a Youth Hub

Goyang City is vigorously supporting its youth, aiming to empower them from employment to settlement and fostering the next generation. Central to this effort is the upcoming Tomorrow Dream Factory, a youth hub set to open near Hwajeong Station. This facility, with a budget of 20 billion won, will encompass various spaces for co-working, startup support, and specialised education, aiming to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem for youth employment and entrepreneurship.

The Naeil-Kkum-Jejakso, Tomorrow Dream Factory, slated for full operation in the latter half of the year, seeks to consolidate support for youth ventures, offering mentorship programmes and facilities tailored to startup needs. Notably, the startup support area will provide incubation spaces for young entrepreneurs, with mentorship and collaboration opportunities to facilitate their growth.

In parallel, the city has devised a comprehensive youth policy plan for 2024, spanning employment, education, housing, welfare, and participation rights. With a focus on employment, initiatives include supporting local job creation efforts and providing financial aid to young entrepreneurs. The Youth Life Academy will expand to assist more youths in finding employment.

To address housing challenges, Goyang City will also offer rental deposit support and monthly rental subsidies. Moreover, initiatives such as the Youth Policy Advisory Board and youth-led events aim to involve youths in decision-making processes and address their concerns effectively.

Overall, Goyang City’s multifaceted approach underscores its dedication to empowering youth, ensuring they have the resources and support needed to thrive and contribute to the city’s development and prosperity.