3 April 2020 | UCLG ASPAC, in collaboration with Association of Indonesia Municipalities, held #1 WebShare taking theme “Experience of Local Governments in Indonesia in Facing COVID-19”. The discussion was virtually attended by 67 participants and enriched with sharing from representatives of National Disaster Management Authority, Samarinda City, Pacitan Regency, Jakarta Province, Bengkulu City, and Gorontalo City.

In the discussion, representative of National Disaster Management Authority put emphasis on the importance of inter-sectoral social limitation to ensure effectiveness of physical distancing that is currently applied. Aligning with the #stayathome policy declared by national government, representative of Samarinda City engaged leaders at the neighbourhood level as well as conducted online campaign through social media. Through this online discussion, Jakarta Province, as epicentre of the epidemic, also shared challenge that they face, lacking of personal protective equipment. However, the capital city has also opened posts that collect supports to be distributed to hospitals. Besides, local government of the province has also sprayed disinfectant throughout the city.

Representative of Bengkulu City shared that the local government has also applied disinfectant sprayed to houses and mosques. Besides, it collaborated with military to monitor the crowds and related activities. In the discussion, local government of Gorontalo shared that they emphasis the “gotong-royong” (mutual cooperation) spirit. Gorontalo also collaborated with military to supervise crowds, conducted related campaign through social media, distributed basic needs to local people and cash (particularly to those working in transportation field, as they are directly impacted by the #StayAtHome policy.

With the challenges faced by cities in Indonesia, Association of Indonesia Municipalities suggested representatives of cities to participate in online discussions as national government has also produced many new policies.




Samarinda, Indonesia

Pacitan, Indonesia

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