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Daejeon Mayor Heo Tae-Jung and UCLG Secretary General Emilia Saiz organised a DMZ peace tour in Panmunjom on April 6th 2022. This tour is the main agenda of the 2022 Daejeon World Congress, which is part of peace between Korea and the world. In addition, the city of Daejeon suggested that the Korean Peninsula International Peace Forum organised by the Ministry of Unification be held in Daejeon in conjunction with the UCLG General Assembly.

UCLG Secretary General, Emilia Saiz emphasised how the instability of our current international situations and world peace is a very important agenda in an. The Mayor of Daejeon, Heo Tae-jeong also hopes that UCLG will be able to actively cooperate in dealing with the divisions that occur on the Korean Peninsula.

Hosted by Daejeon City, the upcoming UCLG Congress on 10-14th October 2022 is calling world citizens interested in world peace, decentralisation, as well as the idea and mobilisation of smart cities. It is also at the Congress that citizens, civic groups, industry, academia can convene with cities and local and regional governments around the world to openly discuss various topics relevant to these unprecedented, yet exciting times. For more information, read the UCLG Congress 2022 by clicking here.

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