E-commerce elites from 19 countries gather in Hangzhou to explore new opportunity for cross-border e-commerce

The opening ceremony of the 4th BRLC Cross-border E-commerce Workshop was held in Alibaba on May 28. It was co-hosted by the BRLC and the UCLG ASPAC Secretariat, and organized by Alibaba Taobao Education. More than 40 e-commerce elites from 19 countries participated in the event to jointly discuss the recent trends of cross-border e-commerce.

Since 2018, the BRLC has successfully hosted the international e-commerce training workshop for three times, and has accumulated rich experience and industry resources. This event has attracted not only commercial officials and experts of the BRLC and the UCLG ASPAC member cities, but also representatives of foreign commercial organizations in Shanghai, foreign entrepreneurs in Hangzhou, and other e-commerce enterprises.

Miao Chengchao, vice president of the BRLC, attended the opening ceremony together with other leaders including Liu Guofeng, director of Alibaba Group and vice general manager of Taobao Education.

Miao welcomed these guests warmly and expected that they would get useful experience in smart technology and cross-border e-commerce through the workshop. He also stated that the BRLC, as an important platform for international cooperation, would strive for mutual benefits and win-win achievements among its member cities and organizations through more collaboration and exchange. 

“Co-building the Belt and Road is an important part of China’s opening-up in the new era, and a significant step to boost the global development.” Liu Guofeng, director of Alibaba Group, said that Alibaba would provide the support for the countries and regions along the Belt and Road by using its technologies, platforms, and experience. 

The five-day event covers three themes, namely, “Business Intelligence in the Digital Age”, “Cross-border E-commerce” and “Empower Enterprises in E-commerce Intelligent Transition”. Through the class teaching, group discussion, site visiting, business communication, etc., the participants has learnt about the commercial reform brought by new quality productive forces and the track model of cross-border e-commerce, and explored how to cope with a crisis and create new business models based on digital transformation. Moreover, industry experts are invited to share their expertise to help the participants earn their own edge in smart business in the era of digital intelligence.

The event provides a valuable exchange and learning platform for the e-commerce enterprises in the countries and regions involved in the BRI, and injects new impetus into promoting cooperation and development in the global e-commerce field. It is believed that, with joint efforts, the Belt and Road Cross-border E-commerce Workshop will play a vital role in facilitating development in global e-commerce field.