Daejeon: Showcasing Korea’s First AI-based Civil Service Provider

DAEJEON will start providing an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based civil service called Nurion for the first time in the country from May 16.

“Nurion,” an unmanned information terminal designed to make it easier to apply for general civil services, is an evolved version of the earlier system known as “Nuriview.” Nurion allows users to file civil complaints and apply for civil services through sign language or voice without having to visit the administrative center. Applicants can receive their results on-site through their mobile phones.

It provides seven types of general services, such as basic pension service, job application for the elderly, reissuance of registration card for the disabled, reissuance of juvenile ID card, application for sanitary pad voucher, report of moving in, and correction of resident registration report.

Daejeon, a metropolitan city leading the 4th Industrial Revolution, received the Presidential Award in 2021 for not only acquiring patents related to AI-based integrated audio-visual information provision systems such as Nuriview, but also contributing to national informatization.

Participants of the 2022 Daejeon UCLG World Congress, which is to be held from October 10 to 14 will be able to experience these advanced technologies at the Smart City Exhibition.

The Smart City Exhibition at the 2nd DCC Exhibition Hall consists of 3 zones including 270 booths:

  1. Smart Living: Smart everyday changes (Smart home, urban air mobility)
  2. Smart City: Future science city (SOS Lab, digital healthcare)
  3. Smart Tech: New partners (Robot, AI, IoT)

Congress participants and citizens can experience future smart technologies while enjoying the exhibition.

At this Congress, Daejeon will establish an expansive hybrid conference system and present a sustainable urban growth model through smart city exhibitions. Daejeon hopes everyone will visit the city and enjoy the advanced science city and participate in the UCLG World Congress.