Business Forum in Kalibaru: Linking with Potential Partner to Market Products from Green Mussel Waste

May 8, 2024 | UCLG ASPAC has scheduled a Business Forum session to be conducted regularly in Kalibaru area. The Business Forum will link communities in Kalibaru area with partners having similar visions to become buyers and/or help expand the market and widen the product’s exposure.

“Cangkring,” one of the community groups in Kalibaru area has innovated with the development of various products from the waste of green mussels, such as squat toilets, block paving, and coasters. Through the Business Forum session, UCLG ASPAC linked the Cangkring Community with Gerakan Pasti, an environmental care movement promoting 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Return to Earth). The Gerakan Pasti expressed interest in promoting squat toilets among their partner networks. As an initial step, they purchased product samples of the toilet as well as several art products, including coasters and bags.

During the session, Gerakan Pasti also shared valuable input on how to enhance the uniqueness and market appeal of these products. They emphasised the importance of leveraging the narrative of recycling and upscaling, as well as the environmental benefits of using green mussel waste. This approach is expected to increase the selling value and differentiation of these products in the competitive market.