9-12 December 2015: Consultative Meeting in Negombo, Sri Lanka

IN 2013, during South Asia Local Government Conference in Bangladesh and during the UCLG ASPAC Executive Bureau Meeting in Gwangju, the desirability of having a Local Government Standing Committee for South and Southwest Asia was discussed and unanimously adopted by the representatives of countries from the sub region.

The Consultative Meeting in Negombo (Sri Lanka) last 9-12 December 2015 also agreed that the selection of Chair and Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee will be held in Mumbai (India) next April 2016, in conjunction with the First Session of UCLG ASPAC ExBu Meeting 2016.

During the absence of Chairmanship of the Standing Committee, the Negombo meeting decided to form an Ad-hoc Committee which will intensively communicate with the Regional Secretariat to prepare a proper selection of Chair and Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee in Mumbai.


Establishment of sub-regional office and Country/City-level commitments

It was agreed that an office in Islamabad (Pakistan) will be set up, pending the submission of a work plan/plan of operations and activities from the host, and other potential hosts. India office (based in New Delhi) has been set up in 2011.

It was proposed that New Delhi Office will cover Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Maldives, while Islamabad Office to cover Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal.