2021 Bloomberg Philanthropies MAYORS CHALLENGE

Launched in 2013 at United States of America, with 300 cities across the US participated, Bloomberg Philanthropies MAYORS CHALENGE is the biggest cities competition that inspires city leaders across the world to come up with the most innovative solution to respective challenging and most pressing issues.

In 2021 Bloomberg Philanthropies MAYORS CHALLENGE seeks 50 most innovative and most ambitious ideas proposed by city Governors, Mayors, Municipal Commissioner from across the world to respond the most challenging issues faced by each city or province, and especially problems that have been emerged due to the Pandemic Covid-19.

It brings the voice that Local Government can do more than just find cutting-edge answers to pivotal questions, but to be also involved in the process for improving city lives by giving mayors, policy-maker, and their staffs a chance to try new ways of problem solving and put its residents as a center of global problem solution.

UCLG ASPAC in collaboration with Bloomberg Philantrophies, would like to invite you to participate in 2021 Bloomberg Philanthropies MAYORS CHALLENGE, and be the first 500 cities to be invited in a series of virtual convenings with global experts, in order to give you more details ideas about the programme.

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