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Sejong City was established in 2012 for national balanced development. Despite being only 12 years old, after the end of Covid, over 546 people from 45 countries, including officials, came to learn about Sejong City’s smart city and administrative capital in 2023.

Sejong has a population of 392,716 as of 2023 and covers a geographic area of 465.23 km2, making it the least-populous and smallest first-level administrative division in South Korea.

Forty-seven central government agencies and 16 national research institutes, originally located in Seoul and the metropolitan area, relocated to Sejong City, with a relocation rate reaching close to 70 percent. Now Sejong City has become South Korea’s administrative capital. In the future, the Sejong branch of the National Assembly and the second presidential office will also be established in Sejong City. The legal basis for the establishment of a Sejong branch of the National Assembly was laid in October 2023.

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