Indonesian Assocation of Local Authorities (APEKSI)

Joining Year: 2008

Member's Champion


Name of LGA Leader: Bima Arya Sugiarto, Mayor of Bogor city, Indonesia  

Rapid urbanisation in Indonesia can increase demand for housing, employment, and mobility, which can lead to several challenges such as yearly floods, traffic congestion, growth of informal settlements, spread of communicable diseases and many more, particularly when city planning is subpar.  

Acknowledging this, APEKSI has been facilitating and supporting its members comprising of 98 Indonesian city governments in the implementation of regional autonomy, and the creation of a conducive climate to develop partnerships between city governments in the country. Since first initiated in 25 May 2000, APEKSI continues its work in the spirit of partnerships and collaboration towards recovery, and achievement of SDGs. Among others, APEKSI does a lot of advocacy, capacity building for city-to-city cooperation and development of technological innovations. 

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