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Wang Yi On Broad Consensuses Reached between China and Mongolia

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On August 8, 2022 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Mongolian Foreign Minister Batmunkh Battsetseg jointly met the press after their talks. As a neighboring country, China shows their gratified with Mongolia’s rapid progress and expecting to its development and revitalization. The close connection between China and Mongolia as well as shared future, a good valuable neighbor than gold, good brothers sharing weal and woe, and good partners striving for common development.

Both are willing to promoting the in-depth synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative and Mongolia’s Steppe Road Program, the Global Development Initiative and Mongolia’s New Revival Policy, and China’s “two-step” development strategy and Mongolia’s long-term major engines for further development of bilateral relations. They have reaffirmed their mutual respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and will continue to provide strong support on issues affecting each other’s core interests. China supports Mongolia in maintaining stability, striving for development, and exploring development paths that suit its own national conditions. China welcomes Mongolia’s reaffirmation of its firm commitment to the one-China principle and its opposition to interference in China’s internal affairs, including its relations with Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

The two sides agreed to strengthen border cooperation and promote the opening of ports and the connection of railways and highways as much as possible to keep industries and supply chains stable and unhindered. The memorandum of understanding on the cross-border rail connection program at Gantz Mod Port is important to help Mongolia expand its opening up and achieve strong growth. Also, they agreed to coordinate the Erdenebren hydroelectric power plant project and speed up the solution of power supply problems for the people of Western Mongolia. Both sides will support the implementation of livelihood projects such as the rehabilitation of slums, sewage treatment plants and meat processing plants as soon as possible in order to better serve the people of Mongolia.

Regarding to strengthening the cooperation from both sides on reforestation and combating desertification, China’s welcomes Mongolia’s plan to plant 1 billion trees alongside with a proposes to plant 70 billion trees over the next decade. In other condition, both sides will strengthen coordination in international and regional affairs, support true multilateralism and open regionalism, promote the implementation of global development initiatives and global security initiatives, and promote the common interests of developing countries. They agreed to protect and work together to promote development and prosperity.


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