THE workshop on “Sustainable Tourism: Policies for Delivering Social, Environmental and Economic Benefits in Asia and the Pacific Region” will raise awareness on UN initiatives for sustainable tourism. It alsoincludes a solid grasp of its principles, strategies, challenges & opportunities and financial cooperation bylooking at some case studies such as a community-based policy development method. Through the live voices of international/ national/ local experts, the participants will have a chance to develop the relevant policies to promote their natural and cultural heritage site for social, environmental and economic benefits.

The capacity building workshop, whilst promoting awareness and recognition of sustainable tourism, will:

  • Provide an opportunity for local governments and cities in the Asia-Pacific region to transfer knowledge and promote discussion.
  • Offer a venue to exchange their best practices throughout city-to-city cooperation.
  • Promote a learning atmosphere between cities and establish a strong network that they can
  • Utilize after the workshop.
  • Inspire motivation to participants for implementing sustainable tourism policies in practice.

The workshop’s agenda is available here.

Application form can be downloaded here.