11 May 2021 | West Kalimantan – Local government of West Kalimantan Province in Indonesia has declared their commitment to positively contribute to solidarity and transparency enhancement for better public service delivery.

A solidarity programme is applied through the signing of a commitment to be ASN PRIMA. ASN PRIMA stands for Aparat Sipil Negara Pintar Pilah Sampah (civil servant smart in selecting waste). This is a commitment from all civil servants of the province for solidarity through waste separation. The waste (of economic value) will be sold, and the collected amount of money will be donated to the cleaning staffs of the respective working unit. The idea is to allow them to use the additional income for needs, such as children education fund. For successful implementation, the local government of West Kalimantan Province has collaborated with five Waste Banks to pick up the selected waste.

The signing event was also conducted in conjunction with the publishing of the repository on Standard Operational Procedure and Provincial Apparatus Public Service Standards. The information dissemination is intentionally conducted to enhance transparency and support better delivery of public services.