The webinar is the second part of the “Green New Deal” to discuss climate and energy policies in depth. Sharing different perspectives and interpretations on the Green New Deal policy package would allow all participants to take stock of new development model and engage in future policy learning.

Among the policies in the Green Deal package, energy policies target the expansion of renewable and distributed energy, innovative green industry ecosystem, and energy efficiency improvement. In this context, this webinar on energy policy of Green New Deal will invite experts who can address green energy transition from a policy perspective, green energy livelihood, and future implications of energy transition on industry.

Application and Deadline

Event Details

Event type: Online webinar
Date: October 15, 2020 at 16:00 (Seoul time, GMT+9)
Organiser: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju/Jeju International Training Centre

Event Objectives

The workshop is expected to help countries and cities in transition to make their society and industry greener, and to give guidance to policy makers on their policy attempts on introducing Green New Deal policies. For the capacity building, this event will;

  • Provide an opportunity for the government and city officials to take stock of their green energy policies;
  • Promote a learning atmosphere between participants and establish a strong network which can be utilized after the workshop;
  • Offer a venue for knowledge sharing and discussion and motivate participants to implement well-designed policies, with a particular focus on UN SDGs.