Terms of Reference (ToR)
RPTRA Video Production

Jakarta central government has produced various initiatives in developing the city. One of them is Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak (Integrated Child-Friendly Public Space) or RPTRA.

As local government association, UCLG ASPAC has continuously supported its members around Asia-Pacific region to disseminate their initiatives in developing their city so that other members can learn, take lessons, and replicate the practice to solve problems in their respective cities.

To optimize the dissemination effort, Jakarta local government in collaboration with UCLG ASPAC will disseminate RPTRA success story in forms of print publication & creative video.

To capture the activities of RPTRA both in audio-visual way. These video can also be used to inspire members in Asia-Pacific region about Jakarta’s success story in developing RPTRA. It can also be a very effective tool to promote and used as supporting material in delivering presentations, event materials, exhibition display, published in digital/social media and many others.
The video is produced in high definition (HD) format. It will be a very effective tool to endorse UCLG ASPAC branding in various occasions, such as events, exhibitions, seminars. More, this video can also be put on various digital promotion tools (website, Facebook, Twitter, e-Newsletter) to reach more and more audience, as this video is made compatible with any device.
Name                : Video Documentation RPTRA
Duration           : 30 minutes (max)
Concept            : Feature Video
Idea Concept   : Video shooting + typography

Frame Concept
Section 1 – The Background Process of RPTRA
Section 2 – Uniqueness Thematic of RPTRA (spotlight RPTRA)
Section 3 – Interview Key Person of RPTRA
Section 4 – Activity around RPTRA
Section 5 – RPTRA Infographic


Production Production Breakdown
  • Baseline Research
  • Script Development (Director shot, Data, & Photo Stock)
  • Interview Script
Production ·  Video Shooting
  • Online editing
  • Offline editing
  • Infographic & typography
  • Music
  • Final Mixing

Terms & Conditions:
1. Vendors have to submit the proposal consist of Company Profile, Idea Concept, & Price in one binding document.
2. Vendors have to submit the portfolio in digital devices especially video profile of worldwide activity or international
2. organization.
3. The deadline to submit will be on 23 Feb 2017; please send it to:

a) info@uclg-aspac.org
b) CC: communication@uclg-aspac.org, finance@uclg-aspac.org, accountant@uclg-aspac.org

4. Only the vendor who is qualified will be shortlisted/contacted.
5. Vendors who are qualified will be contacted to give presentation (on 27 Feb 2017)
6. Arrangement meeting before pitching will be conducted by 24 Feb 2017.