SDGs Academy Indonesia, on the march 22nd 2021, just officially launched an online learning initiative called “Stepping on SDG Path: to Learn, to Contribute, and to Inspire.” This online initiative is a collaboration initiative from Bapennas (National Development Planning Agency), Tanako Foundation, and UNDP. It intends to accelerate the SDG mission in order to obtain their goals agenda in 2030, and a part of that, it also intends to create a capable human resources or future leader in sustainable development sector.

In the opening speech, Ms. J. Ansye Sopacua, The Director of SDG Academy Indonesia, stated that the programme is intended to create a capable human ressources, especially in sustainable development sector. SDG Academy present with two main roles, which are as an education platform provider, and as a knowledge hub.

There are three (3) main programmes under this initiative, which are SDG Leadership Certification Programme; SDG Mobile Learning Programme, and SDG Study Abroad Programme.

SDG Leadership Certification Programme is aimed to foster a leadership character and bring out their true potiantial, and in the end of the programme the participant will acquire a certificate.

SDG Mobile Learning Programme, a programme whis is designed to provide a high quality education materials, by respecting the rule of social distancing during this pandemic. It also offers education modules needed by participants.

SDG Study Abroad Programme, a programme that will give participants a whole new experience by having training from experts worldwide.

All these learning programme will conduct a mix method from online coaching, face to face, and mobile learning method, that makes this programme more interesting with various methods combined.

Those main programmes is inline with the UCLG ASPAC programme on localise SDGs which aims to empower Local Authorities (LAs) and Associations of Local Authorities (ALAs) in Indonesia for enhanced governance and more effective development policies and to promote inclusive and sustainable local development through SDGs attainment. A sustainable development requires participation from all stakeholders, government and local government as well as local communities. And a capable human resources or future leader in sustainable development sector, is a crucial key.

UCLG ASPAC localise SDGs programme has successfully adapted the needs of local governments in addressing COVID-19 and localising SDGs at the same time. It has been done through online learning and sharing method. On the second half of 2020, localise SDGs delivered a total of 25 virtual events for sharing knowledge and disseminating good practice in addressing the pandemic that also contributed to SDGs attainment. There were 13 biweekly Webinar Series on Building Back Better and Stronger – Transitions to the New Normal called On-line Discussion or Diskusi Daring, six match-making events and six coaching clinics.

Further, the UCLG ASPAC localise SDGs programme has updated its training modules related to city diplomacy and SDGs localisation, which will be delivered online in 2021 to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmissions. And this could be complemented with this newly launched online learning initiative.

This newly launched programme was transmitted on youtube channel.
To get more detail information, please visit the youtube link below:

Article by: KM Team