COVID-19 undoubtedly has become the greatest threat to human’s health. Mobilization restriction policy has been taken by almost all countries since it was recommended by WHO to prevent further spread of the virus. With the prolonged lockdown in many places, the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a health crisis, but also a socio-economic crisis. Numerous studies have shown that mobilization restriction policy has hindered economic growth and to some sectors the pandemic almost shut down large numbers of businesses. With the slowing economy, the gap of inequality is widening and this also increases the number of social issues such as increasing number of domestic and gender-based violence.

Despite all the challenges, COVID-19 also brought us opportunities in enhancing horizontal and vertical cooperation. Local governments have become the leading role in surviving and recovering from COVID-19, and due to mobilization restrictions in preventing the virus spread, local governments has taken initiatives to support people’s livelihoods.

The spirit of getting back stronger is spreading across borders, and international cooperation taking place among local governments can accelerate cities’ recovery process. Various initiatives have been taken by local governments in Asia-Pacific region to share knowledge and experience, and also to cooperate in building back capacity in sustainable manners.

UCLG ASPAC as the largest cities and local governments association in Asia Pacific is continuously supporting its members and working with partners around the world to build back stronger in post pandemic era, through advocacy and strengthening cooperation. With the theme “From Steady Recovery to Sustained Prosperity in Post-COVID-19 Asia Pacific,” the 8th UCLG ASPAC Congress will serve as a platform to discuss comprehensive policies and best practices on driving long-term prosperity in post COVID-19 including through city-to-city international cooperation, while ensuring sustainable development and addressing urbanisation impacts.

There could not be a more critical time than now to reshape the way we live for a recovered world. There could not be a more critical life than the one we sustain for shared prosperity.

The time to act is now & nobody should stand alone.

Join the 8th UCLG ASPAC Congress & International Conference “From Steady to Sustained Prosperity in Post COVID in Asia and the Pacific”!


By KM Team