SURAKARTA City is implementing a program called Surakarta Society’s Heath Service or locally known as PKMS. This program started in 2008, focusing on marginalized people without health insurance.

There are two PKMS packages, the Gold and the Silver. The first is for people declared as ”poor”. All their financial expenses for health service are fully covered by the city government.   The second package aims to deliver a financial aid worth IDR 2 million to particular patients.

Every PKMS card holder may visit any local health clinic center for health treatment with professional medical practitioners and medical specialists. There are six local health clinics providing facilities to take care of patients and ambulance service is also made available in the five sub districts to facilitate local people to see doctors in the hospital.

Surakarta griya1

A new housing compound built in Surakarta. (Surakarta Municipality Government)

To maintain the quality of their health service, Surakarta City Government adopts survey to check the level of satisfaction of patients. The survey is performed by a local university to avoid data fraud.

Another benefit that the society could enjoy is the so-called BPMKS, a financial package for educational purposes. This program has been implemented since 2010 and it focuses in helping students to enjoy their civil rights to education. until high school level. This program has three different packages: silver, gold, and platinum.

Housing program is performed by constructing the so-called ’deret’ housing in Keprabon and Ketelan areas, both in Banjarsari sub district. Surakarta City Goverment encourages people in need to stay in these housing compounds and they need to pay a only a cheap amount of money for the rental fee. The ’deret’ housing compound has been successfully established in October 2014.