Mayor of Narayanganj City – Bangladesh

Salina Hayat Ivy, is the first and only woman to lead Narayanganj one of a city in Bangladesh. Bangladesh maybe already have Women Prime Minister, but it ‘s hard for women to have power at the local level. She’s established herself as an honest local leader in a country with a big corruption problem.

She was a hero for her works for women empowerment, her campaign to promote entrepreneurship among women. She has set up training centers for women and offered them loans for becoming entrepreneurs. She also has mobilized poor residents, enabling them to build wealth and send their kids to school as her main priority.

Turn slum area known as Rishipara to a colony full with street sweepers, every rundown corner of the city, and now their children are growing up more literate and better prepared for work. Not only education but her priority also for better health care for women. She builds maternity hospital near Shitalakkhya River. This hospital now becomes life-saving and increase time efficiency.

With her wide network, many private contractors want to assist and working together with her. Build a market that win-win solution for everyone, where entrepreneurs can sell their goods and the market get revenue from their fees. Now she becomes more well-known and had turned a large budget deficit into a small surplus for the city.

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