Khofifah Indar Parawansa was inaugurated as Governor of East Java, Indonesia, on 13 February 2019. With her proven dedication and commitment while holding the position of Minister of Women’s Empowerment (2014-2018), Governor Kholifah is set to serve people in her constituency and improve their well-being. Now taking her leadership at city level, she continues her work to address key challenges people of East Java are facing be it poverty, unemployment, and inequalities; through concrete initiatives such as Millennial Job Centre (MJC), free education programme for high school and vocational students, and implementing GETAR Madura programme.

 Millennial Job Centre (MJC)
MJC was designed to specifically address unemployment among young citizens who are vocational school graduates, accounting for 6.84% of the populations according to the Statistics Central Bureau of East Java Province. MJC provides on-the-job training, vocational education, assistance in establishing start-ups, promotion assistance for young entrepreneurs, and funding for start-ups. In MJC, students can get three-month mentorship programme from private sector. MJC is complemented by other programmes such as East Java Investment Super Corridor (EJISC), a platform that gives information on investment opportunities in the province. Launched in May 2019, the initiatives have received positive responses, as expressed by CEO of Kapanlagi (media network in Indonesia), Bukalapak (one of market places in the country), and Amazon Web Services. Both MJC and EJISC will enable an ecosystem for millennials, thus help reducing unemployment rate in the province.

Free Education for Students
To promote the capacity of human resources in East Java, Governor Khofifah has focused on providing free education system, particularly for high schools and vocational students in private and public schools. To address the difference of tuition fee among schools, she has set a policy for tuition fee to be borne by provincial government in collaboration with regent mayors in the province. She stated that “We will make arrangement on how much support given to students. If it is not enough, parents will also contribute, since schools’ tuition fee are varied.” In addition to this assistance, the provincial government will provide support on school uniform starting from 2019 academic year.

GETAR Madura Programme
GETAR Madura stands for Gerakan Membangun Infrastruktur dan Transportasi Kepulauan Madura (Movement to Build Infrastructure and Transportation of Madura Islands). The programme addresses poverty, food security, and limited access to public services faced by local people in Madura islands. This programme provides SAKERA ships to travel to remote islands to transport food stuffs and basic public services (such as ID card registration, driver license, immigration and tax/retribution). The programme helps decrease the distance of people’s access to public service, while reducing the cost of transportation.

Governor Khofifah has been recognised for her work and dedication as demonstrated in various international awards that she has achieved, such as ‘Women 2000, Gender Equality, Development, and Peace for the Convention on the Elimination on All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (at the UN Headquarters in 2000) and Women of Change International Award from International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues, and Zero Discrimination (IFFWSZ). In Indonesia, Governor Khofifah received award from Islamic Fair of Indonesia as a figure for movement and from the Ministry of Forestry for her contribution to inspire community of Nahdlatul Ulama (one of Islamic communities in the country) to plant trees.