Mayor of Yokohama

Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan with total area of 437.38 km2 and population more than 3,7 million people, has been known as environmentally friendly city that will develop future electric transportation and its great port. Yokohama was also previously famous during the nuclear bombing of the World War II. Since then, Yokohama has achieved rapid infrastructure and industry development. The city of Yokohama is currently led by a lady Mayor, Fumiko Hayashi. She was elected as the mayor of Yokohama on 30 August 2009 and reelected on 25 August 2013 until today. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama High School, she started her career from private sector as a salesperson in Honda, then continued as a President of BMW Tokyo Corp, Volkswagen, CEO of The Daiei, Inc, operating officer at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd and President of Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales until June 2008. She has received many awards and honors in Japan and abroad. Her works in private sector is recognized by Forbes as “50 Most Powerful Women in Business: International.” Many achievements have been obtained by Fumiko Hayashi. With her expertise in the private sector, she knows that attracting new industries to Yokohama is essential in revitalizing the city’s international business environment. She has worked tirelessly to promote Yokohama as a premium business center. She has made successful marketing strategy offering foreign companies a wide range of support and subsidies. Many companies have been attracted such as Nissan Motor Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., Accenture plc, and Lenovo Group Ltd. including Apple Corp to invest in the City of Yokohama. In the environmental policy, the city of Yokohama has initiated the Yokohama Green-Up Plan, which aims to preserve the green-rich city of Yokohama for future generations by maintaining and enhancing both the quantity and quality of green spaces. The plan consists of three main policy pillars; 1) Forest Conservation; 2) Farmland Conservation, and 3) Greenery Promotion. These Green-Up Plan is being carried out under a close and robust collaboration between citizens, organizations (companies) and the city government. She attracts many young Japanese creative entrepreneurs. She separated Cultural Tourism section from the Economic Affairs Bureau. She believes that culture and arts are extremely important policy areas to enhance the presence of Yokohama especially Japan in International events. Many International events were held in Yokohama, including Triennale exhibition with China and South Korea. She always promotes the brand of the city of Yokohama, which includes encouraging every government officials to act as a billboard to send information and she always takes the role as the top salesperson of Yokohama.