Airin Rachmi Diany
Mayor of South Tangerang

South Tangerang City is the second largest city in Banten Province after Tangerang City and the fifth largest city in Jabodetabek area after Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, and Depok.  South Tangerang City was inaugurated on 29 October 2008, by the Ministry of Home Affairs as the result of the regional expansion of Tangerang Regency.

Airin Rachmi Diany, the current mayor of South Tangerang since 2011, is the first woman’s Mayor in South Tangerang. She graduates from Law Faculty of Parahyangan University, Bandung and became politician supported by Golkar Party. Airin was the winner of Beauty Pageant and won the title of Miss Indonesia Favourite and Miss Tourism Indonesia. She successfully led South Tangerang City for two periods.

She is very consistent in the application of technology-based governance concept. At her second period as Mayor, she continues to strive to bring innovations in building the city’s territory. She receives many recognition from government and International Agency in Competitive Ecosystem Rating, Safe & Secure Cities Rating, Smart Environment Rating, Smart Mobility, Smart Financial Technology Ecosystem, Smart Economy, Smart Social Rating, and Smart Innovation Ecosystem.

She believes everyone has responsibility to continue improving public services. That way, South Tangerang City is currently pursuing to improve public services and be the best so the city can be a pilot for other regions in Indonesia. Since she is currently also Chairman of the Association of the Indonesian Municipalities, it is not too difficult for her to replicate to other cities in Indonesia.

“It is a shared responsibility to continue to provide the best for our city and to create ideas for change. We must continue to work hard in creating a dream city, a city that will be a smart, modern and competitive city and innovate,” she said.

South Tangerang City has many Smart City Programs that can be replicated. Airin exemplifies the innovation of Ciputat sub-district that opens public services after office hours. Considering the majority of residents are office workers who find it difficult to administer during working hours. Another example is the availability of shuttle service to the residents’ house and the issuance of ID card and family registration certificate created within one day service and the reporting application of South Tangerang City SIARAN residents. “This is quite smart governance,” she said.

In the healthcare sector, South Tangerang City Hospital has introduced SMS Gateway that enables citizens to register and obtain queue numbers via SMS. In the licensing sector, she established PTSP (One Stop Integrated Service) with 17 online applications for various types of permits, equipped with certificates and digital signatures.

Implementing Smart City involves a collaboration of many parties. Not only the city government, but also various elements of society, business, academician, and citizen. Bimtek Smart City in South Tangerang is part of the 100 City Smart City Movement program to educate all staff and citizen to use smart city application. Bimtek is an assistance Program to support every district and selected sub-district to be included in this program with the ultimate goal of delivering smart city masterplan and the winning programs that will be run in the area.