Mayor of Seocho-gu, South Korea.

Cho, Eun Hee, the Mayor of Seocho-gu, Republic of Korea.

Seocho-gu is located in the south of Seoul Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea. Situated in the pivot of southern part of Seoul, Seocho-gu is a self-governing community, with population of above 400,000 citizens. Seocho-gu has great facilities such as Seoul Arts Center which is well known for many cultural and art performances. As part of Seoul Metropolitan City, Seocho-gu has many access to other city, connected with railroad, and has high-speed internet all over the city.

Cho Eun-hee, formerly worked as chief editor of Women Times and as presidential secretary on culture and tourism division, director of women’s and family affairs at Seoul Metropolitan Government, vice mayor on the second term of Mayor Oh Se-hoon, and now becomes the first lady mayor in Seocho-gu.

Cho received her bachelor’s degree in English literature from Ewha Womans University, she earned her master in Korean literature from Seoul National University and her doctorate in public administration from Dankook University.

Her most recognized achievement is when she led programs during her time in women’s and family affairs at the Seoul Metropolitan Government. She has concern on women and kids including the Seoul daycare system program and the Woman-friendly City Project.

The idea “Women Friendly Seoul” became famous during her time. “It is like adding a female touch to a universal design and make things more comfortable for women,” she said. She believes that “When a woman is happy, everyone is happy.” Throughout her leadership, she has made Seoul more livable, convenient, safe and enjoyable, not just for women, but also for children, youths, the elderly and the disabled. Her good project priority shows it all: Pink Parking Lots, Crack-less sidewalks, More Female Toilets, Female Bus Straps and Seoul-style Nursery School.

The Seoul-style Nursery School project helps working moms who need a place that take care of their children. Now this project has become more successful than before as more and more children are registered at the Seoul nurseries and many day-care centers are waiting to get certified nurseries. Now as Mayor of Seocho-gu, she continues her work to make her city represent something more than just achieving gender equality.


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