Mayor of Sendai, Japan

Sendai is the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, also known as the largest city in the Tōhoku region, and the second largest city in the North Tokyo. The total area of the city is 786.30 square kilometres with population of 1,086,012 people.

City of Sendai is currently lead by a woman Mayor, Kazuko Kori. She was born in Sendai City on March 31, 1957 and graduated from Faculty of Economics, the Tohoku Gakuin University. She was elected as the Mayor of Sendai on 22 August 2017. She started her career as a broadcaster in TV Station and become the Committee Member of the Commentator and Press Department Manager. She entered politics and become the member of Democratic Party of Japan and served in the House of Representatives.

As Mayor of Sendai, she was thrilled to continue her passion to contribute for her people. In 2011, Sendai hit by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, known as the Great East Japan Earthquake. After elected as Mayor in August 2017, she focused on Sendai City Development in education and tourism. She continued promoting the disaster prevention/reduction activities according to the development of Sendai disaster prevention framework.

One of her action is responding to bullying problems and educational reform through strengthening the cooperation between elementary and junior high school and deploying school counselors and school social workers to early detection of bullying. Sendai is one of the pilot for disaster management mechanism and also has many beautiful places and cultural events. Sendai Aoba Matsuri is the biggest event that she continues to promote. She also promoting the attractive urban development along the subway of Tozai line Expansion attracting international and national conferences, sports and events.

As one of the innovative city, she strengthening the regional ICT for comprehensive care system, collaboration of medical care, and government system. She also improving the city website and utilizing her social media to communicate with her citizen.