Jember Regency Mayor

Innovation from Jember Regency

Dr. Hj. Faida, MMR is the first Lady Mayor from Jember Regency.  She serves for period 2016-2021. She started her career as a medical service staff and became a director at Al-Huda Hospital, Genteng, Banyuwangi, and also became the president director of the hospital, Bina Sehat Jember, and also Bina Sehat Training Center (BSTC) () Jember at the same time.

She is also the first Mayor in Jember Regency who receives “The Best Innovative and Creative Women Indonesia Creativity Award 2012″ and” the Indonesian Physician Award 2013″, reflecting her achievement while undertaking a role as the director of three hospitals. On health sector, she is obsessed with professional nurse scoring system, part of requirements to be met by those willing to work overseas. This encourages her to develop regulation for nurse training education. Certification and a high-skill set was the output of this regulation.

On the first period, she put a high priority on agriculture sector. She asserted that extensive garden area in Jember Regency will change if the field workers own the science of agriculture. To do this, she developed agricultural regulations by requiring every agricultural owner and field workers to join a seven-day training to gain knowledge on agricultural materials based on science and technology.

Her affection for the vulnerable groups encouraged her to make innovations in providing special services for persons with disabilities, elders, toddlers, children, and pregnant women at the Jember’s Immigration Office. This innovation has gained the attention of the Minister of Law and Human Rights who will implement this service innovation in other immigration offices in Indonesia. This innovation has been selected in Top 99 Public Services by Ministry of Administrative Reform.