Mayor of Chandannath Municipality

Kantika Sejuwal, first lady mayor in Nepal Millennium history. She was elected as mayor of Chandannath Municipal in Jumla District, Nepal. Chandannath is a municipality in Jumla District in the Karnali province of Nepal with population of 5,842 people.

“Women are gradually becoming aware of their own potentials. They are aspiring for equality and better leadership roles. They are motivated to do their best and pave way to clinch better leadership roles in the next election,” said Kartika after she won the election.

Kartika was a teacher before becoming a politician. She was teaching in government school in Jumla. After she became principal, she founded a non-profit organisation to support underprivileged communities in the Karnali. Kartika decided to join the politic after her husband died in plane crash. Her husband was politician and activists. She resigned as a teacher 1 year after and entered the politics. Her social work activity in Non-Profit Organization helped her elected.

Kantika graduated in health science and rural development from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. She started working as teacher and became first woman principal in public school. She started a political career in age of 45 and became a member of the general committee (mahasamiti). In May 2017, she became the only woman elected mayor in the province with its 25 municipalities, apart from 54 rural municipalities.

As mayor, now she can bring real change in the live of Chandannath people. Having the spirit to make outstanding academic school performance in previous job, now as mayor she makes first decision to make Jumla Smart City. She has developed many programs for clean and green city, including adequate drinking water supply, 24-hour electricity and blacktopped roads, despite the fact that Jumla still suffers from power outages caused by militant attack. She is also active in International Women Movement to encourage women to join politics and make impact to society.

“She has taken even the smallest problems very seriously, and she is a very confident and high spirited person” said Hanshara Neupane, a journalist from Jumla. Kartika Sejuwal has many agenda during her campaign, and she is able to keep her promise. Now, her win in election makes good impact in Nepal.