Creating a city good to live is the goal every city would like to achieve. What it means for Subang Jaya? Mayor Noraini Roslan of Subang Jaya once said that Subang Jaya aspires to be a smart and sustainable city. She further elaborated that it is actually about creating a city that is good to live in, a city where people want to go to. See how the mayor envisions this to become reality.

Traffic Management

As in the case for other growing cities, traffic congestion has become the challenge of Subang Jaya. Therefore, in achieving the goal of a good city to live in, providing better traffic management in the city that can control traffic light system, detect and recognise vehicle license plates with expired documents and/or prior traffic offences is inevitable.

Women Friendly and Green City

To achieve the goal, Subang Jaya Municipality under the leadership of Mayor Noraini Roslan held a Women-Friendly Green City Majlis Perbandaraan Subang Jaya (MPSJ) or Municipal Council of Subang Jaya Lab. The discussion involved 120 participants from municipal’s officials, representatives of non-governmental organisations, partners from private companies and tertiary-level students. The discussion mentioned the incorporation of guidelines in the Universal Design and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design to new buildings or adjusting them into existing buildings to respond to the needs of women, children, the elderly and disabled.

To achieve this goal, Mayor Noraini Roslan has considered creating safehouses for at-risk children staying in low-cost flats; particularly for female entrepreneurs that need to leave house for market to promote their goods and services.

Subang Jaya Local Plan 2035

Appointed in 2018, Mayor Noraini Roslan has also prepared some improvements for Subang Jaya’s local plan in 2035. Included in the improvement is transit-oriented development (TOD) which is based on commercial development around selected public transport stations. In addition to that, MPSJ plans to change their approach in developing housing, from what used to be using density planning standard to plot ratio. This approach is chosen as Subang Jaya is anticipating an increase of 500,000 people in the next 20 years.