KENDAL Regency is located on the Central Java Province in Indonesia. The area has become the spotlight of various awarding events in recent years, capturing the realisation of commitment of current leader, Mayor Mirna Annisa, to improve the welfare of the local people.

Climate Friendly Village Programme (PROKLIM) Award

In 2019, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia rewarded local government of Kendal for the Mayor’s initiative to encourage local people in two villages (Gondang and Limbangan) to take good care of their environment and to survive in facing the climate changes. The Mayor has also translated the initiative into local regulation and policy. Receiving the award from Minister of Environment and Forestry, Ms. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, in October 2019, was Regional Secretary of Kendal, Mr. Moh Toha, representing the Mayor, saying, “We are proud to receive this award once again. Thanks to Mayor Mirna who has encouraged local people to actively improve resilience against impacts of climate change and mitigate it through Green House Gas reduction that has become serious challenge in the national and global level.” On the occasion, Mr. Toha also mentioned that Kendal plans to extend the efforts to ten villages so that more and more people will get empowered.

Sustainable Sanitation on Community-based Programme or Penghargaan Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat Berkelanjutan (STBM) Award

STBM is a national programme that aims to change behaviour of local people on hygiene and sanitation. It has become a national reference for community-based sanitation programme since the release of health ministerial decree (Kepmenkes) No.852/Menkes/SK/I/IX/2008 on National Strategy for Community-based Sanitation. The programme seeks enabling environment, demand creation, supply improvement, knowledge management, funding, and comprises monitoring and evaluation. It has proven its effectiveness in accelerating the improvement of sanitation access and behaviour changing in Indonesia. Kendal Regency has conducted various initiatives and supports to succeed this programme. Started from the release of Surat Edaran Bupati (Mayor’s Circular) No.690/182 on acceleration of STBM programme, Kendal Regency has encouraged local people towards hygiene through various approaches: Open Defecation Free (ODF) declaration of 20 local community leaders on 12 November 2015 (in conjunction to the celebration of National Health Day), budget allocation to provide incentive (cash prize) for villages that achieve ODF status. Local government of Kendal has also engaged private sector for procurement of toilet facility in household. In October 2019, Kendal Regency was awarded STBM Award for achieving ODF status.

One million houses Programme or Program Sejuta Rumah Award

Under the leadership of Mayor Mirna, local government of Kendal has applied the ABCG (Academy – Business – Community – Government) collaboration scheme to succeed the implementation of “Program Sejuta Rumah” (one million houses programme), an initiative of the Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements of Indonesia to help low-income local people with decent houses, either by building or renovating them, all over Indonesia. Local government of Kendal has collaborated with Universitas Diponegoro and Bank Tabungan Negara (State Saving Bank) to create a payment scheme so that local people only need to pay IDR500,000 (approx. USD33) per month for 10 years to have a decent house. Under this scheme, 100 units of houses were built in 2018 in Curugsewu Village. This collaboration concept has made Kendal a pilot city and was rewarded IDR20 billion. The award was received by Mayor Mirna in December 2018.