Mayor Karolin Margret Natasa of Landak Regency was once a council member of Indonesia People’s Representatives. Holding position that is equal to minister, Mayor Karolin decided to return to her home town in Landak and serve her people as Mayor. Her dream came true. She was elected as Mayor of Landak for the period of 2017-2022. When campaigning, she told her constituents that she would not sell out her promises and pledged to do her best for her people. Mayor Karolin, with strong background on medicine, has proved her commitment. The improvements were felt by her constituents.

General Hospital of Landak Granted with 5-Star Rating

One of her achievements is in health sector. On 4 October 2019, Indonesian Commission of Hospital Accreditation announced that General Hospital of Landak passed the accreditation test and was granted 5-star rating. This accreditation is an acknowledgement that health services delivered by general hospital of Landak have not only improved, but also met national standard. The improvement has been beneficial for local people in Landak.

With the achievement, Mayor Karolina has motivated all stakeholders to continuously work to elevate the quality of services. “I hope this quality will continue to improve, show (increased) professionalism, skills, responsiveness and most importantly put human values above everything else.” Mayor Karolin acknowledged that the achievement was a result of hard work and collaboration with local people. She encouraged local apparatus and the citizens to continue this positive collaboration for consistent progress.

Establishment of ‘Prototype’ Community Health Centre

Local government of Landak has also collaborated with Indonesian Ministry of Health to improve health facilities in Landak regency. The State Budget has allocated USD 4,690,331.51 to establish community health centres, official ‘medical’ houses, set up medical team, operational vehicles, mobile community health centre and various other medical equipments. With the establishment of these health facilities, it is expected that negative image of community health centres (due to bad facilities) will change and the newly established health facilities can win the trust of local people.

First Rank for Active Campaigning and Anticipative Actions on Illegal Levies Elimination

Local government of Landak (particularly the Illegal Levies Elimination Unit) has won the first place for actively campaigning and making anticipative actions on illegal levies, based on the assessment conducted by the Ombudsman, a state’s institution that supervises the delivery of public services both by private or public institutions. Commenting on this achievement, Mayor Karolin revealed that her leadership is strict to illegal levies. She hoped that the award will motivate local apparatus to improve the quality and works in overcoming illegal levies.

Development Progress of Landak Regency

Other achievement comes from Indonesian Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration. The Ministerial Decree No.79/2019 declares that Landak Regency is no longer considered as an underdeveloped region.