Donna Favel
Mayor of Ashburton – New Zealand

Elected as Mayor of District Council Ashburton, New Zealand in 2016, Mayor Donna Favel graduated from Ashburton College. The owner of Ashburton’s Regent Cinema from 18 years old, became a politician from 2010 and now has become one of Women Mayor in Ashburton, a small town on the south-southeastern edge of Dartmoor in Devon, New Zealand. Ashburton has population of 33,200 people and covers area more than 6,175 square kms. In 2012 Ashburton was crowned the “Co-operative Capital of New Zealand” for having more co-operative companies operating than anywhere else in New Zealand.  Ashburton is a fast growing town keeping pace with an equally fast-growing district.

When she was Councillor of Ashburton in 2010, she was a good listener. She revealed plans for wheelie bins in Ashburton that would rise 18 percent of urban rates. This was one of her programs during her campaign.

She has concerns about Culture, health, and education. She is eager to make young people and kids free from smoke and lung problems. Therefore she held campaigns on TV and radio. She issued regulation for Smoke-free policy in Ashburton city.

She applied new approach by being active in social media to listen to her voter. She offered her Facebook page as a contact point for both job seekers and employers and head-hunters.  She also encouraged people to help others voluntarily. “Countless people in our community selflessly give their time to benefit others. It’s important to recognize these people and show them how much we, as a community, appreciate their hard work and generosity” she said.

From Mayor’s Award for public service, Ashburton Medal, Civic Awards and Honorary Citizens. This is the way Ashburton District Council say ‘thank you’ to their citizens.