September 2021 | UCLG ASPAC, under the framework of LEAD4SDGs Pakistan programme, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Local Government Department (LGD), Government of Sindh (GoS) represented by Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Minister LGD, GoS, Syed Kumail Hyder Shah, representing Local Council Association Sindh (LCAS) as President, to ensure the localisation and attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Sindh Province. This collaborative initiative was also meant to improve the socio-economic situation of the citizens of Sindh and to have tangible impact to the development of the province. It was agreed that all the parties shall undertake an annual evaluation of the progress on the MOU.

Upon signing the MoU, all the parties agreed to contribute towards the localisation of SDGs through an empowered local governance system and to take concrete actions while implementing this MoU. Moreover, UCLG ASPAC promised to establish a strong relationship with the Local Government Department for the implementation of LEAD project and through providing technical and institutional support to strengthen the local government institutions in the Sindh Province.

The main objective of this agreement is to primarily support the Government of Sindh in strengthening the local governments and their association as partners in the development process to play more effective role in the achievement of Sindh’s SDGs Framework through SDGs’ localisation. The broader areas of cooperation among all three parties are:

  1. UCLG ASPAC LEAD4SDGs and LCAS will jointly organise capacity building initiatives to tarin elected representatives and appointed officials of the local government in Sindh province. This will enable them to better understand their roles, responsibilities and provide them an opportunity to learn about leadership and management skills. Furthermore, these trainings will improve their technical knowledge and would polish the required skill-set needed to implement SDGs at the local level and aligning the local development processes to SDGs frameworks.

All training sessions related to local government representatives and officials, will be held in coordination with the Local Government Department.


  1. Mass awareness on localisation of SDGs will also be an important activity under this MoU that will support the Government of Sindh in creating awareness among the citizens on the SDGs. In this regard, relevant IEC material will be produced and disseminated, national and provincial events related to SDGs themes will also be celebrated.
  2. UCLG ASPAC and LCAS will provide support in implementation action on SDGs in two pilot districts of Sindh province that include: developing SDGs aligned district annual plans, providing technical and financial support to carry out prioritised innovative actions, to monitor pilot innovative actions and to review the existing local government laws and policies.
  3. Local Government Department Sindh will provide support and cooperation aiming at strengthening the local governance in the province of Sindh to create an enabling environment to achieve SDGs. In this regard, the Local Government Department will provide support in coordination with the local government institutions across Sindh province for the capacity building initiatives.