UCLG ASPAC, with the support of the European Union (EU), established a Partnership with ‘Association for Development of Local Governance’ (ADLG) to implement “LEAD for SDGs: Local Empowerment, Advocacy and Development for SDGs” programme aiming to localise the 2030 Agenda through empowered and strengthened local governments in the selected districts of the Balochistan and Sindh provinces in collaboration with their respective ‘Local Councils Associations’ (LCAs).

LEAD is a 4-year programme co-funded by the EU and UCLG ASPAC. Aiming to contribute to the achievement of SDGs through an empowered local governance system in Pakistan, it will be implemented in collaboration with ADLG and in partnership of Local Council Associations (LCAs) in the provinces Balochistan and Sindh.

LEAD for SDGs focuses fostering an enabling environment for mainstreaming SDGs in local development processes through effective leadership and policy dialogue, advocacy supported by evidence-based research, capacity building and improved coordination among all three tiers of the government (i.e. 1st-Federal, 2nd-Provincial, and 3rd-Local Governments and to adopt innovative solutions for SDGs localisation in Pakistan.

The Programme commenced in March 2019 and is currently in its inception phase. During the formulation of the Programme design, a wide range of stakeholders was consulted and their needs and priorities were taken into account. UCLG ASPAC considered it appropriate to consult through workshops on the final programme design, intervention logic and the envisaged results and activities with a wider range of stakeholders both at national and provincial levels to re-verify the programme elements and to muster their engagement and support.

National Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Localisation of SDGs in Pakistan

9 July 2019 | ISLAMABAD – LEAD for SDGs conducted ‘National Stakeholders’ Consultation Workshop on Localisation of SDGs in Pakistan’ and involved stakeholders from the local governments, parliamentarians, civil society and development organisations to discuss the programme design, current challenges and issues. Several recommendations were made to improve the coordination of governments at different tiers and synergies other SDGs related interventions with the LEAD for SDGs programme for Sindh and Balochistan regions.

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Provincial Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on Localisation of SDGs in Balochistan

16 July 2019 | BALOCHISTAN – UCLG ASPAC, LEAD for SDGs programme team conducted ‘Provincial Stakeholders’ Consultation Workshop on Localisation of SDGs in Balochistan’ in Quetta, to understand the context, political and governance dynamics, progress updates and relevance of programme interventions in addressing challenges on the localisation of SDGs in the Balochistan province.

Stakeholders representing the local council’s association, public representatives, civil society, bar councils, UN agencies and development organisations participated in the workshop and discussed the challenges and issues of the province.

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