14-31 December 2020 | Gunsan – The city of Gunsan held the “2020 Gunsan Overseas Exchange City Children’s Art Online Exhibition” for 18 days. The international city exchange taking the form of exhibition was firstly conducted in 2016 at the Gunsan Arts Centre. This year, it celebrates its fifth anniversary. Due to the pandemic, local government of Gunsan has transformed it into an online show on Gunsan City Hall website.

Five cities from five countries have enthusiastically joined the online exhibition: Gunsan City (host city), Windsor City of Canada, Weihai City of China, the Takamatsu City of Japan, and Vung Tau City of Vietnam (joining for the first time after signing a letter of intent with Gunsan in 2019). The virtual event has exhibited a total of 100 paintings, made up of 20 paintings from each city. Visitors of the website can easily access the virtual exhibition through an icon at the main screen of the website or CLICK HERE.

The virtual exhibition also shows video clips celebrating the hosting of exhibitions by significant figures from each country to the courtesy of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea for International Relations in North Jeolla Province. Mr. Michael Danagher (Canadian Ambassador to Korea), Mr. Chang Chung-Kang (Chinese Consulate General), Mr. Nguyen Vu Tung (Ambassador of Vietnam to Korea), and Mr. Chujo Kazuo (Minister of Public Information and Cultural Centre of Japan) delivered congratulatory videos. Major participants in the exhibition has also expressed their support through congratulatory messages for Gunsan City’s efforts to promote international exchanges in a new manner despite difficulties, and wished for continued relations ahead.