CITY of Guiyang, a capital city of Guizhou Province and Gui’an are now collaborating to optimise opportunities in the utilisation of big data. Developing big data will support Guiyang and Gui’an to advance the five-year action of strengthening Guiyang’s primacy as the provincial capital and build a city with large economic volume. It will also help Guiyang and Gui’an adhere to the development vision of building a hundred industries centred on featured products. In terms of new-type of industrialisation and new-type of urbanisation, Guiyang and Gui’an have coordinated and integrated development, expanded domestic demand to boost consumption, ensured the supply of high-quality public services, and gathered innovative talents to achieve new breakthroughs.

One of its collaboration takes form in the “Big Data Expo”. The event gathers resources, introduces projects, and promotes cooperation. Since its launch in 2015, the expo has highlighted “global vision,” “national interests,” “industry roles” and “corporate responsibilities,” and “innovated modes.” The most advanced technologies and products are displayed in the expos. The Expo has gradually become a global big data development vane and an authoritative international platform in the industry.

In the five sessions of the expo, more than 270 sub-forums and 680 series of activities were held and attracted more than 1,800 global cutting-edge high-tech enterprises, and more than 900 projects were signed on the spot with a contract amount of 248.3 billion yuan.

The Big Data Expo 2021 is planned to be organised on 2628 May 2021. It will optimise the opportunities presented by the rise of digital economy. This event will continue to combine online and offline exhibitions, focusing on the theme of “Data Creates More Value, Innovation Brings A Better Future” and on national strategy, responding to the needs of enterprises, grasping the emerging technology for discussion and exchange, building an international and professional exchange and sharing platform, and gathering strong “digital power” for the high-quality development of Guiyang and Gui’an.