Talented, self-reliant and dynamic local artists from Jeju (Republic of Korea) as well as international artists, designers and architects who have interest in public space and work in any art media (photography, installations, drawing, ceramics, video, performance, soundscapes, etc.) are invited to apply for the opportunity to participate in the Global Youth Culture Forum Jeju 2019 to be held on 19-26 October 2019. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, 14 September 2019.

What is the Global Youth Culture Forum?
The Global Youth Culture Forum (also referred as GYCF) is a process and an event that relates culture to the sustainable development of Jeju. It is supported by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province government and the Culture Committee of the world organisation of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), together with JITC-Jeju International Training Center, JFAC-Jeju Foundation for Arts and Culture and JURC-Jeju Urban Regeneration Center. The first edition of the Global Youth Culture Forum Jeju was held from 29th October to 4th November 2018 and its final report can be consulted here.

How it will be developed?
The second edition of the Global Youth Culture Forum Jeju will be held from 19th October to 26th October 2019. The Global Youth Culture Forum will be a global meeting of local and international artists and architects who will be working together taking as cases of study several areas and topics related to the island of Jeju. Focused on the cultural and social issues that usually are involved in contemporary urban transformations as consequence of economic and political processes, the aim of the workshop will be analyzing context in situ to work on different proposals in which art and culture are the fields of reflection and action. Joining a General Curator who has developed the conceptual frame of the Forum, the participants will be leaded by one local Mentor and one international Mentor, while it will be 25 participants, around fifty per cent local and fifty per cent international from around the world. It is expected the equal participation between women and men.

The GYCF will have a light online prelude through a web and a blog which will be released on 1st October 2019 and become the online space of communication between all participants, mentors and curator to keep in touch and share ideas, materials and references related to the programs to be developed during the Forum. The GYCF will end with a public presentation in which the participants will present their conclusions and proposals to artists, students, members of the media and the general public (in English). The organization and the General Curator will consider and evaluate if some of the proposals may have real production possibilities to be taken in account in the future.

Selected candidates will be provided with more and detailed information (the general concept and the concrete programs to develop during the Forum will be provided from 1st October 2019).

Who can apply?
The Global Young Culture Forum is not a school, nor an academic proposal, so it is not guided by academic records of specific disciplines; the relationship that candidates may have with galleries,

collectors or institutions is not valued especially. We are interested in artists, designers and architects who are based in Barcelona, Bilbao, Lille-Metropole, Lisbon or Mexico City and who are interested in the Curatorial Proposal contents of the II GYCF: “Having Fun: Popular Culture, Identity and Representation. Transdisciplinary Knowledge to Invent New Imaginaries Together” (in Annex).

Participants should be now studying the last courses of an academic program or who have finished their studies and already developed some years of professional career (up to 3 years maximum). It would be accepted artists, designers and architects of any origin, discipline and background and that can take full advantage of all the conditions offered to the workshops included in the Forum. Candidates must have special interest in artistic projects and in public space, through research and focused on the audiences. In addition, they have to have skills in communication, and they must have good disposition to work in an international and transdisciplinary group. The official language of the GYCF is English; participants should be fluent in this language, written and spoken.

An application consists of one PDF document, containing these three parts:

  • A statement explaining his/her interest to participate in the Global Youth Culture Forum Jeju 2019 (maximum 500 words in 1 page, in English).
  • The documentation of previous work: a description of the realized projects, images and links to Internet (videos or other visual documentation related to it). Also in English, 5 page maximum.
  • A short bio with portrait of the candidate (also in English, 1 page maximum).

The deadline is 14th September 2019.
Applications have to be sent to UCLG ASPAC: public.space@uclg-aspac.org and programadmin@uclg-aspac.org

Selection process
Proposals will be evaluated by a jury composed by the organization representatives, local experts, the local and the international mentors and the General Curator. The selected candidates will be notified before 20th September 2019.

The organization will provide accommodation and meals to the participants during the Forum, andwill take over the travel costs of international participants to and from Jeju island; medical and travel insurance will be taken over the organization. Participants from other continents will travel on 17th or 18th October 2019.

* More information in Annex 1 and 2

The Global Youth Culture Forum is partly supported by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province government and the Culture Committee of the world organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), together with JITC-Jeju International Training Center, and JURC-Jeju Urban Regeneration Center.
* More information in Annex 3 (2019 Youth Art Project II – Starting Point)

Venue: Jeju, Republic of Korea.
Contact for more information: jejuforum@agenda21culture.net

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