15 March – 11 April 2020 (Manila, Philippines)

Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction (GDRR) is a four-week facilitated online learning course that contributes to improving knowledge of relevant policies, regulations, and tools for gender-responsive climate and disaster resilient cities.

The course aims at improving your understanding of:

  • The differences in disaster recovery experiences of men and women as a group in the context of various regional, administrative, cultural, and developmental settings;
  • The socio-economic factors that mediate these differences;
  • The gender needs in pre-and post-disaster phases with focus on preparedness, recovery, and reconstruction;
  • The gender mainstreaming strategies, policies, and tools suitable for disaster management; and
  • The role of various administrative levels in gender

Course Fee is 300.00 USD

Discounts are available through group enrolment to encourage institutional learning.

We offer other modes of delivery such as blended learning, face to face, mentoring and coaching to support you in Gender Action Planning in DRM.

Send us a note on gdrr@emi-megacities.org

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