CIFAL Jeju organizes an online workshop on Financial Inclusion and Boosting Prosperity that aims to support the Asian Pacific government officials and leaders of society for them to make and implement policies for inclusive and sustainable economic development.

Financial inclusion means “individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs delivered in a responsible and sustainable way[4]”. As a basis for sustainable development, inclusive finance will be essential in enabling people to escape poverty by facilitating investments in their health, education, and businesses. It should be properly noted that financial inclusion is featured (sometimes explicitly) in at least seven of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. These include SDG 1 on eradicating poverty; SDG 2 on ending hunger; SDG 3 on profiting health and well-being; SDG 5 on achieving gender equality; SDG 8 on promoting economic growth; SDG 9 on supporting industry, innovation and infrastructure; and SDG 10 on reducing inequality.

By partaking in interactive discussions, participants will also be able to share best practices regarding the facilitation of inclusive finance in creating a sustainable future.

Event Details

  • Event type: Online workshop
  • Date & Time: 22 October 2020, 4 PM (KST, GMT+9)
  • Organiser: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju / Jeju International Training Centre
  • Certificate: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju / JITC will issue a certificate of participation upon the completion of training
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Application and Deadline

Target Audience

This online event is open to government officials and personnel from non-profit, civil, and private sectors in Asia and the Pacific region, including focal points for: economic policy, sustainable finance, financial inclusion.

Training (this event) is also open to representatives from the academia, research entities, development agencies and think tanks actively engaged in the areas stated above.


Time Detail
1 hr Pre-session (participants only)
– Group introduction sharing
5 min Opening remarks
– Sul Kyung Hoon, Director of CIFAL Jeju
20 min Module 1
– The role of inclusive finance in creating a sustainable future
20 min Module 2
– Digital financial service in Asia Pacific
20 min Module 3
– Financial inclusion gender gap
30 min Group discussion
20 min Session summary (participants only)