UCLG ASPAC in collaboration with ADB and Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has organised a two-day Forum Group Discussion (FGD) regarding supporting Indonesia’s capital in developing and producing on Voluntary Local Review (VLR) report DKI Jakarta 2021. The discussion was held on 14 – 15 October 2021, attended by various divisions from Provincial Government DKI Jakarta, NGOs, and think-tanks.

The VLR is a report that is usually delivered by Governors or Mayors on UN Summit every two years, this report is produced as a tool to analyse on how Cities and Local Governments could further improve in fostering, implementing and achieving their SDGs localisation goals.

Secretary-General of UCLG ASPAC


In her opening remarks, Secretary-General of UCLG ASPAC, Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi, emphasised the importance of the Jakarta VLR report, as a momentum to deliver their development on implementing SDGs goals and its targets. She also mentioned that Jakarta VLR Report 2021 will be followed by other VLR reports in the future.


Vice Head of the Agency of Regional Development (Bappeda), Mr. Tri Indrawan


As representative from the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, Vice Head of the Agency of Regional Development (Bappeda), Mr. Tri Indrawan, mentioned that DKI Jakarta has a full commitment in working and progressing towards localising the SDGs, and the VLR Report is a momentum to unite all local and national stakeholders in creating this report. It is also a chance for local governments to demonstrate their capacity and commitments on localising the SDGs to the public. This year DKI Jakarta will carry “Jakarta Kolaborasi Dalam Mengatasi  COVID-19” or “Jakarta Collaboration towards Overcoming COVID-19” as the theme of their VLR Report.

Mr. Tri Indrawan also added there are four SDGs goals to focus on:

  1. Tanpa Kemiskinan (Zero Poverty).
  2. Kehidupan sehat dan sejahtera (Good Health and Well-being)
  3. Pendidikan berkualitas (Quality ducation)
  4. Kemitraan unntuk mencapai tujuan yang bersifat lintas sektor (Partnerships for the cross sector progammes implementation)

Under this whole initiative, ADB is collaborating with UCLG ASPAC in providing technical support for Jakarta City to develop the Vountary Local Report (VLR). The support includes of recruiting a team of consultants and fostering collaboration with relevant agencies in Jakarta authorities for important technical matters such as data collection, verification, validation and coordination.

The first day of the discussion on 14th October 2021 was led directly by Mr. Tri Indrawan as Vice Head of the Agency of Regional Development (Bappeda) and attended by several representatives of each division and staff of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. During the breakout session, the discussion was more focused on each division expressing their achievements and challenges on implementing SDGs and its localisation

Session on the second day was focused on how the City and Local Government can engage non-government actors such as NGOs and private sectors, as well as other relevant local government officials, in order to complete the draft of the report. As mentioned by Mr. Tri Indrawan, engagement of all stakeholders is necessary for the report, which also includes a special focus on collecting data, with an example of among others, planning two (2) local stakeholder meetings to identify local-level indicators for data collection

At the end of the session, it is concluded that the report is necessary to introduce the achievement and development of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in implementing the      SDGs, where progress and achievements are mostly delivered on High-Level Political Forums      every 2 years by Governors or Mayors in European Cities, and other international fora. Furthermore, the VLR report will also be beneficial in terms of reference to the development of SDGs action plans. Engagement of all stakeholder is necessary since to achieve it cannot be done by City or Local Government alone. Following up the result of the report, it is hoped that the action taken by DKI Jakarta will inspire other Cities and Local Governments.


Edited by KM Team