DAEJEON, one of the five big cities in South Korea, is selected to host the 2022 UCLG World Congress. Daejeon, a city inhibited by approximately 1.47 million people, is now getting ready to welcome delegates from all over the world. Let’s see closer what the city has and is preparing towards the 2022 World Meeting.

Looking at the current city’s facilities, Daejeon has major expressways, national highways, and rapid-transit railways passing through. Those have made Daejeon known as ‘Hub of Transportation.’ Based on the surveys operated by government and research facilities for many times, Daejeon is also selected as ‘the greatest city to live with the high-level of living.’ Additionally, history noted that Daejeon has become the centre of research in the country since the establishment of ‘Daedeok Science Complex,’ the complex of government-funded research institutes after the Korean War in 1960s, to revive the country from poverty. There are 26 research institutes, 7 educational institutes, 9 other research institutes, 30 government/public institutes, and 26 other non-profit institutes in place. In regards to the international event, Daejeon held the ‘Daejeon International EXPO’ in 1993. The international exposition successfully engaged over 108 countries and 33 international organisations and introduced advanced technologies and various cultural events.

Daejeon and UCLG World Congress 2022

UCLG World Congress, one of the largest cities and local governments meetings, will be conducted from 3 to 7 October 2022. The announcement of Daejeon selected as host of UCLG World Congress in 2022 was released in Durban on 15 November 2019. Right after the announcement, Daejeon establishes Daejeon International Convention Centre (DICC), an international level meeting venue which is planned to finish in January 2022. The UCLG World Congress 2022 will discuss themes on peace between North and South Korea, sustainable smart city, local democracy and decentralisation, etc. Daejeon will consistently introduce new issues and updates on the city and other joint activities on UCLG ASPAC Communication channels, such as Newsletter. Let’s join UCLG World’s Congress in Daejeon in 2022.