THE increasingly urbanised world has made clean and fresh air in the city scarce. To tackle this challenge, the City of Daejeon deploys dust section trucks to ensure people breathe cleaner and fresh air. The initiative was developed by Mayor Hur Tae-jeong as one of his pledges during the election in 2018 and has been implemented since 2019.

Daejeon successfully removed 71 tons of fine dust on roads by deploying Dust Suction Trucks. The truck is specially manufactured to clean fine dust by vacuuming the dust and discharging clean air with a filter that removes 98% of the fine dust.

Dust and soil dust, which are usually generated by tires of vehicles and break wear dust, are scattered again by friction between vehicles and roads, adversely affecting the living environment of pedestrians and residents. Moreover, it can be visually unpleasant.

To effectively remove the dust, Daejeon introduced seven dust suction trucks in 2019 and added three more trucks in 2020. Now the city is operating 10 trucks.

The trucks are operated twice a week to clean fine dust and run about 219 km on 10 routes, including main roads with more than 6 lanes, roads near industrial complexes with polluted air, and areas with large floating and living populations.

Seven trucks deployed in June 2019 travelled 38,572 km and removed 22,464 kg of fine dust, and with additional trucks, 10 trucks in 2020 travelled 81,259 km and removed 48,612 kg of dust.

To verify the performance of dust suction trucks, the amount of fine dust was measured before and after the operation of the trucks in 2020, with the assistance from the Korea Environment Corporation. As a result, the dust suction trucks showed maximum removal efficiency of 72%.

By introducing a dust suction truck which is two to three times more effective than road sweepers or water sprinkler trucks in removing re-scattered dust on the road, Daejeon is making efforts to provide clean air to the citizens.

Daejeon as the host of the UCLG World Congress in 2022, wishes to share several best practices including this initiative to Congress’ delegates.