THE Secretariat recently received a request from National Association of VDCs in Nepal (NAVIN), an active member of UCLG ASPAC, to provide them with a technical expert to support Local Governments in Nepal in formulating Local Government Policy and to organise the Institutional Reform.

The Constitution Assembly of Nepal has endorsed new consitution in 2015. The new constitution has provisioned federal ruling system with three tiers of government: Central Government, Provincial Government and Local Government. Previously, Nepal has had long practices of unitary ruling system but had very comprehensive legal provisions of decentralized local bodies with having sort of self-governance practices.

Over one and half years after after constitution promulgation, Nepal has been in exercise on rapid schedule of legislative reforms to harmonize with the new constitution. There is also the provisions of formulating laws at the local government level with its independent legislative institutions.

To attempt such responsibilities, local governments of Nepal have felt a clear need of technical and financial support to facilitate them to formulate the laws and organize institutional reforms. In this regard, an Expert of Local Government Policy and Institution Reform is proposed to be provided for Local Governments in Nepal. The Expert will be in coordination with Joint Committee of all Nepalese LGAs (NAVIN, MuAN and ADDCN) and in cooperation with Line Ministries, Government of Nepal. For your information and perusal, enclosed please find Terms of Reference (ToR) of the proposed Expert.

If you are willing to support Nepalese Local Governments, please kindly find Terms of Reference (ToR) and Contribution Form below and return it to the UCLG ASPAC Secretariat at no later than 1st of March, 2017. The Secretariat will further announce the results of this proposal to the Executive Bureau members during its meeting in Catbalogan, Philippines on 5-7 April 2017.

Download ToR Here | Download Contribution Form Here