UCLG ASPAC is the largest section of UCLG World, representing Local Government (LGs), Local Government Associations (LGAs) and Associate Members (AMs) across the Asia-Pacific region. Since its establishment in 2004, the roles and responsibilities of UCLG ASPAC have constantly progressed to meet the needs of its members in promoting the quality of life of their people through effective policy development, its implementation and collaboration with other local governments and cities

The growth of the organization has resulted in increasing demands towards the Secretariat’s work in all aspects. One of them includes its ability to manage its website in effective and efficient manner.  To this purpose, and considering that the Secretariat has no in-house IT personnel for the time being, there is mandatory need to seek an external resource to support and provide technical services to the Secretariat on website maintenance.

The Website/IT consultancy is aimed at ensuring that the Secretariat can function optimally in all areas, especially on its IT office system and its website management. The specialty areas of the sought consultant will include hardware, software, networks, and Website development programme.

Scope of Work/Key Duties

  1. Overall improvement of UCLG ASPAC website including the reorganization, deletion, correction or addition of sections, features and pages in the websites.
  2. Website maintenance and timely updates of all sections and pages in the websites.
  3. Provision of technical support, advices, and mentoring in and during website development to appointed UCLG ASPAC team members who are responsible in managing the website. This will include ensuring the appointed team members are already well-equipped to maintain and update the content of the website and troubleshoot.
  4. Other reasonably related services as needed by UCLG ASPAC.
  5. Access creation for UCLG ASPAC team member to website dashboard so that appointed UCLG ASPAC team member have the access to upload documents, videos, and photos.


The consultant must have demonstrated expertise and experience in web design or web programme. More specifically, the consultant must have demonstrated experience in the following:

  • Having knowledge in HTML, CSS code;
  • Understand how web programme works;
  • Deep knowledge on IT and web design/programme.
  • Capable to perform the scope of work as set out above to a very high standard.
  • Having a design graphic knowledge will be an advantage.

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