The 4th edition of the International Award UCLG – Mexico City – Culture 21 was launched in november 2019. With the call for bids closed on 18th March 2020, the International Jury examined all 81 bids and decided to award 2 cities, give 7 special mentions, and award 2 individuals.

The winners were announced on 29 May 2020 by Mexico City during the Executive Bureau of UCLG.

The Award Ceremony will take place in Mexico City on 13 May 2021, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the lunar foundation of Mexico.

I. Category “City” 4th edition 2019-2020 
The Jury decided that the winners of the Award (in alphabetical order) were the candidatures “Network of Arts and Cultural Practices in Medellín”, submitted by the city of Medellín (Colombia) and “Ségou: A Creative City”, submitted by Ségou (Mali). Each candidature will receive EUR 25,000.

II. Special Mentions
The Jury also decided to make special mention of the following projects (in alphabetical order): (ganti angka dengan bullet point)

  • Chiang Mai (Thailand), for the programme “Chiang Mai Centre Museums Network”
  • Concepción (Chile), for the project “Concepción Creation Centre (C3): a space for creative collaboration”
  • Manchester (England, United Kingdom), for the programme “Cultural Collaboration on Climate”
  • Ramallah (Palestine), for the programme “City of Music”
  • Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), for the project “Ulaanbaatar Public Art Week”
  • Yopougon (Ivory Coast), for the project “Yopougon: Becoming an educational and creative city through social cohesion”
  • “Leona Vicario of Mexico” Special Mention:

San José (Costa Rica), for the project “Computer Clubhouse, San José South: Girls Only: Comprehensive Development for Girls and Prevention Against Teen Pregnancy”

III. Category “Individual” 4th edition 2019-2020

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UCLG ASPAC congratulates all winners and expects that the spirit to optimise the role of culture as a key dimension in sustainable urban development will remain!